Geekbears: Hello World!

Geekbears: Hello World!

We are very excited to finally publish our new website! Geek Bears wants to help startups, and entrepreneurs who have an idea, but doesn’t have the technical knowledges neither from industry.

We will be the builders of your ideas and together we will accomplish your dream. With years in this industry and creating startups, we have learnt a lot. Not only the technical part of it but also online business, marketing, SEO, human resources, investors, and much more. Take a look at SchooLinks , a member of our team is the co-founder and he lived during all this process and challenges.

A keyword is that being an entrepreneur isn’t as glorious as many people think. It’s rather betting it all, giving your additional efforts and move foward. The scenes you saw on the movie The Social Network are fictitious. But the real entrepreneur isn’t made by fame, it’s rather because he really believes on the cause and he is willing to do EVERYTHING to change the status quo. It will bring you much satisfaction to see hundred, then thousand, and even milions of visitors that your application will have. That’s the way we feel, and at present we don’t regret all the sacrifices we have done.

We strongly believe in this cause and we hope that Geek Bears can help especially to professionals and entrepreneurs from Latin America that want to compete and be a part of this technology revolution. You can do it!


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