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Multi-functional healthcare app interfaces displaying features for patient care, room assignments, articles, events, and personal profiles.

Zach Olson

Founder & CEO

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From an initial concept, to the product launch

Thanks to Geekbears' we've taken our platform from an initial concept to the product launch.

Dream big and prove your concept

Laptop displaying a security management app interface with sections for client accounts, team management, and incident reports.

Our client's MVPs have raised over $200M USD. Leverage a team that has created winning MVPs.

Your idea comes to life the way you envision it, we offer you a 100% satisfaction warranty on our first engagement.

Smartphone displaying an app called 'Adherence & Symptom' with a logo featuring a capsule and a check mark, focusing on medical tracking.
Laptop showing a hotel management dashboard with reservations, departures, and analytics for user Alex.

We understand the value of ideas and follow all the standards to protect yours.

Going from 0, to 40,000 users. Revolutionizing the car maintenance industry with Treads.

An all-in-one app that streamlines car maintenance services such as tire replacements, alignments, oil changes, and auto insurance, offering hassle-free experience for car owners.

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Smartphones displaying 'Treads' app with vehicle management features, including vehicle details and tire tracking.

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Smartphones displaying a children's activity app with features for avatar selection, a gamified progress map, and a sunny 'Summer Bridge Activities' login screen.

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Our focus is on simplicity and effectiveness, ensuring your app looks great on all mobile devices.

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Our web apps are built to be easily navigable and highly functional, ensuring they work seamlessly.

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