Service Check Falcon 2.0: Creating next-level customer service

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Computer monitor showing a Quick Service Restaurant portal with location search functionality for operational management.

Project Overview

Customer Service


United States


Web App


Screen displaying a business application for managing reports with filters for contact type, status, and brand code.

Enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing efficient, timely, personalized support.

Service Check’s Falcon platform aims to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing efficient, timely, personalized support. The platform will help the users gather customer information inside a more intuitive system that could display information more straightforwardly and logically.

Upgrading the existing platform

The main challenge fell on upgrading their existing platform. With this, come a variety of challenges, ranging from technical aspects to user experience.

Online portal interface featuring detailed customer contact information, service request history, and follow-up actions.
Customer service management screen with an open contact case, showing detailed interaction history and issue categorization.

Easier help and custom features for users

The redesign focuses on personalized user experiences and efficient support, featuring quick issue resolution, multi-channel support, an accessible knowledge base, and feedback collection to improve customer satisfaction.

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The Result

The project has been designed and is in process to be developed

The Centralized vision team doesn't have to use a variety of tools to report to their clients. Instead, the company has become more efficient and their customers are receiving better service, given they use the app as well.

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Marcos and team were exceptional at understanding our project's requirements

“Marcos and team were exceptional at understanding our project's requirements. The designers Omar and Darinka are very creative, professional and with great communication skills. Highly recommended and we hope to hire their development team for the next phase of this project.”

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